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Exploring Blocks to Inner Peace

COVID, Hopi Prophecy and Technology

COVID, Hopi Prophecy and Technology

In 2020, I participated in weekly Shamanic drumming journies led by a Shamanic teacher.   She would give us journey assignments.  One particular journey would leave a lasting impression on me.  We were to journey 50 years into the future in our area.  When I landed 50...

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Covid 19 Virus

Emotional States Lost the sense of what is life-sustaining. Lost the joy of life. Lost the connection with mother nature. Lost the sense of those things we call small but nurture us at the deepest levels – the smell of a rose, the smell and taste of a carrot just out...

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How do You find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

There is No Question the World is in Chaos. One of the frequently asked questions that I receive is ‘how do you find inner peace in the midst of chaos?’ The world today, as you know, is fraught with political chaos, a global pandemic, climate catastrophes and economic...

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Paradigm Shift from Victim to Creator

From my first book, “Knowing and Living Your Purpose”© Chapter 3 – HOW DID I GET HERE–THIS LIFE…THIS BODY? In my early forties, I was thinking about how I came to be in this body and in this life. I believed that God created me. Then I remembered what I had read from...

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Psychic Energies, Abilities and Protocol

Psychic Abilities Psychic – a person who perceives information hidden from the normal senses. This is a list of alleged psychic abilities that have been attributed to real-world people. Many of these abilities are also known as extrasensory perception or sixth sense....

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Enslavement Energy of Sugar

In mid-2021, I conceived of an article focused on the judgment and the consequential emotional wounding that results from sugar.  I shelved the idea for a later time as I was publishing the Remen Q̅ book and building the infrastructure around that publication.  Then...

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Get a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time with the essays I have written.  If there is resonance, the essays will foster your next level of personal growth by exploring blocks to inner peace.  Future essays will explore the meta-states such as jealousy, betrayal, victim identity, grief, shame, guilt, etc.  Fears, created patterns and emotional states make meta-states.  These meta-states hold the wounds that block the flow of life energy in our lives.

When I write any of the material for this blog or Emotional Patterns (formerly Healer Wisdom), I lean into the material.  That means I connect with my writing at a very personal and profound level.  Some of the writing caused me to pause and explore my wounding around the topic. For example, the “Burnout” article was supposed to take me one day; I spent more than a week writing the article as I worked through the wounding I held.  That article is deeply personal, and I struggled with just how much I should share. One of my beta readers commented that I need to give the readers more background, so I did and I will. As I lean into and write this material for my readers and their journey of transmutation, I also know that I am transmuting myself.


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