Inner Peace is Possible

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Inner Peace is Possible

We wake up every single day, and we strive to lead our lives as best we can, but most of us lead our lives unconsciously; by that, I mean we do things in a non-thinking way of being not really mindful, so when challenges arise, in the course of our day, our response is reactive.  In other words,   it comes from our patterns and fears that underlie those patterns.  What if I told you you could live your life differently,  you could live your life thoughtfully and at peace?   Where your choices were non-reactive and deliberate (conscious), if you choose and intend to live a life of inner peace, Remen is a tool you can use to get to your goal of a life of inner peace, and it works in the now.  For example, you have an upcoming meeting with your boss and you feel anxious, using Remen , and you can change your anxiety to calm and neutral in a few minutes.

I’m Valeria Moore.  I am the founder of Remen .  I’m also the author of Emotional Patterns and Healer Wisdom.   Remen Q̅, at its core, is about the heart.  Remen uses the heart as a measurement of your peace or your non-peace.   When the heart is contracted or your body is in pain, that’s non-peace.  With the Remen  process, we use that contraction to determine where you’re at in terms of achieving a state of neutral, a state of calm and a state of peace.  The instructions for using Remen  are on this website, and you can try it.  What have you got to lose your non-peace?   So, I invite you to take back your peace.

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