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The classes below all bring something to your inner journey to peace.   If there a class is not scheduled please and you would like to take that class send your request via the Contact page.

Remen Q̅ will transmute your non-peace (guilt, shame, humiliation, worry, etc.) to peace, calm and joy.  Remen Q̅ will change your reality.  When you transmute non-peace to peace, you change your reality.

Reiki will provide you a method of self-care and begin the process of opening your intuition.  The opening of your intuition is essential to developing compassion.  Reiki is a gentle healing modality to use on animals, others, crystals, distance healing and more.

Meditation is a path toward the experience of our divine oneness.  Meditation allows us to transcend the heaviness of the human experience.   You may start this journey with guided deep relaxation session.  These classes are upon request.

Drumming Journeys take you easily into a deep state of relaxation and with intention, you may “travel” to accessing the wisdom of  masters and teachers.  These journies are upon request.

The “Healing Your Intuition” class is a new class that marries Remen Q̅ and my Emotional Patterns.  This class will take you on a journey of transmuting the blocks and wounding to intuition, empathy and the pineal gland.  This class will be based on my new upcoming book Alchemy of the Third Eye and Pineal Gland. and taught by the teachers

In Person Remen Q Workshop

In this class you will learn a simple method to achieve fast inner peace.  We will work on the limiting patterns that keep you stuck.

Virtual Remen Q Workshop

In this virtual class you will learn a simple method to achieve fast inner peace.  We will work on the limiting patterns that keep you stuck.

Healing Your Intuition

In this class we will integrate Remen Q to transmute the wounded empath, blocks to intuition and the limiting patterns held in the pineal gland.  

reiki woman
Reiki 1 Workshop

This class is an introductory course to the practice of Reiki, an ancient energy healing modality. The course is designed to teach students the basic principles and techniques of Reiki, so that they can use it to heal themselves and others.

Woman centering and experiencing healing energy
Reiki 2 Workshop

This class is for those who have completed Reiki Level 1 and are ready to take their practice to the next level. In Reiki Level 2, you will learn three powerful symbols that can be used to enhance your healing abilities.

master mikao usui sitting in forest
Reiki 3 Workshop

Reiki 3 is a more advanced level of practice that allows the practitioner to channel Reiki energy more effectively and to work with the symbols of Reiki. As part of the Reiki 3 class you will receive a 3rd attunement.

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Whether it is Reiki, Meditation or a Remen Q class you will be making strides on your journey to inner peace.


“I am so grateful for our time together last Saturday. I’ve been experiencing energy moving through me in a new way since then as well as new expansion of awareness that seems to be coming through with even greater ease and clarity then before. It was such a gift to me to be able to work with you and facilitate a Reiki session, it felt like the most natural thing I have ever done. "

Yoga Teacher & Trainer

"Remen Q̅ hit the mark. I must say that I have been using Remen Q̅ for a few days now, and I really like the simplicity and elegance. Simplicity however does not dismiss it being very effective. Today I cleared about five patterns from an issue and at the end there was just a smile on my face. I am finding it very helpful. I have studied many so called emotional release ideas and I am to the point that simple is better when it hits the mark."

~Jim Adcock, Transformational Breathworks

"Great things come in small packages. Valeria has brought us full circle with a simple, yet profound tool called Remen Q̅, that can easily be utilized by anyone to achieve deep states of inner peace. "

~Nathan Z Townley, Spiritual and Wellness Coach. Author of Awakening Within the System – Evolution, Not Revolution


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