A Peace Alchemist

Valeria Moore



Do you struggle with worry,

anxiety, regrets, guilt,

relationships and or stress?

A Peace Alchemist

is one who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of peace. They are the bringers of a new dawn, transmuting the old paradigms into a higher intelligence and order. They act solely for the highest good of all.

I can teach and guide you to the transmutation of worry, guilt, shame, humiliation and other limiting patterns into peace, joy and calm.  And if you make this process a way,  the peace will be continuous.

This webpage is under construction.   All the others should be OK.

The Remen Q̅ website and the Emotional Patterns website will eventual be shut down and all contents moved to this location.

I offer guidance, books, classes and a light on the path to inner peace.

*I am consolidating all of my websites into one.  ValeriaMoore.com has already been transfered.  Remen-Q and Emotional Patterns will be an incremental process.

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