How do You find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

There is No Question the World is in Chaos

One of the frequently asked questions that I receive is ‘how do you find inner peace in the midst of chaos?’   The world today, as you know, is fraught with political chaos, a global pandemic, climate catastrophes and economic uncertainty.  Many of you feel hopeless, helpless, angry and possibly depressed.   I had a girlfriend just a couple of days ago write me an email and say she was done.   She could not take any more.  Even if you are working to avoid the newspapers and the media and not engaging or being in the presence of that manipulating energy, you are feeling it.  You know people are in angst and you take that into yourself as non-peace.

If You are Not at Peace, You are Feeding the Chaos

Sometimes you will own what you feel and say, ‘oh, this is how I feel.  I feel depressed, anxious, etc.’  So, what can you do to move past the crazy, so you have inner peace?  For starters, if you’re feeling those things, you’re feeling the chaos, you’re feeling the anger, your feeling the depression and you’re feeling it within you.  You’re adding to the chaos; you’re adding to the energy of the polarization.  You create your feelings. No one is making you feel angry. No one is making you feel depressed; you make you feel depressed.  No one is making you feel hopeless; you created that feeling.  When you create those feelings, you put them back out to the world, contributing to the polarization and the chaos that’s out there right now.

How do we reset?

How do you find inner peace in the midst of chaos?  First of all, you have to own it; you created your non-peace. Next, feel into your heart, and if you’re feeling a contraction, own the non-peace.  Then breathe into presence and do Remen Q̅.  You may have to do the Remen Q̅ process multiple times to reach a place of inner peace.  The process is on the home page.

Being at peace, neutral, and calm doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing what needs to be done. We’ve got a lot of injustice in the world right now; many world conditions need to be on a different path. The economic, global pandemic, injustices and climate changes are hurting the Earth, people, plants and animals.  When you’re coming from a reactive mind, you’re feeding the chaos.  When you are at peace, your heart-mind, head mind and body-mind, you are in alignment. You come from a place that’s not fearful.  A heart at peace and does what needs to be done; you are engaged in making changes that come from the heart.

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