The Enslavement Energy of Sugar


In mid-2021, I conceived of an article focused on the judgment and the consequential emotional wounding that results from sugar.  I shelved the idea for a later time as I was publishing the Remen Q̅ book and building the infrastructure around that publication.  Then in February 2022, I was doing some errands, and I began to crave a sweet roll.  The craving was so very intense I could not ignore it.  So I decided to experience the craving and see where it took my decision-making. First, I would deflect my thoughts to something other than the craving.   The moment my brain was not focused on some other thought, the craving was back, and it felt like it had increased in intensity.  I started rationalizing the need for a sweet roll; I hadn’t had a sweet roll in years and hadn’t had a sugary treat in several days.  I could feel my brain energetically squirming.  Finally, I gave in to the craving and found a local bakery with sweet rolls and I bought two.

After experiencing the craving, I worked with Remen Q̅ to transmute the non-peace of a craving.  I discovered that there multiple layers of wounding to this craving.  The first round of Remen Q̅ reflected a scene from my childhood when I purchased a giant chocolate bar at a school event.  There was no way I could eat the chocolate bar at one time.  I also knew that I would be in trouble if the chocolate bar were discovered. I hid the bar in my clothing drawer for a week.  Then early one morning, before anyone was awake, I retrieved the chocolate bar and buried it in an adjacent field.  I could watch the burial spot from my bedroom window.  I was frozen with fear thinking that someone would discover the burial. My mother would punish me if she discovered the chocolate bar.  After that layer, there were two more layers related to family trauma and sweets.  After transmuting those emotional wounds, I still felt a contraction in my heart. Again I entered that light meditation space using the breath exercise from Remen Q̅, and I had an image appear in my inner vision of someone with whom I had a complicated falling out.  The bakery I went to was where I had often met this person for coffee.  I had not been to that bakery since that event had occurred.  The potential for a similar situation had recently arisen in my life with a new set of people.  Those new people had triggered a limiting pattern of potential betrayal by friends.  After transmuting this layer, I felt peace in my heart and sweet calm in my entire body.

I was now intrigued by sugar’s influence on creating and triggering limiting patterns.  Then a few days later, I had a knowing that cane sugar holds enslavement energy.  I knew of the enslaved people used in its growth and production from the 1500s to the 1800s.   Later that day, I went back to the keyboard to work on the ‘article,’ as I typed, I understood the energetic enslavements created by cane sugar; addiction, human slavery, emotional wounding, and disease.  Excess sugar in our diet enslaves us to the medical, dental, limiting emotional patterns, sugar as an addiction, and institutions by being compliant.  An article focused on the judgment wounding created by sugar rapidly became a book/workbook that explored the enslavement energy of sugar via the emotional patterns of a foundational, primary and secondary wounding.  The foundational wounding in cane sugar comes from the horror of the 1500s to the current day enslavement of people in the Caribbean and the American Sugar Industry. The primary wounding is the reward and punishment from the use of sugar to control and manipulate.  The secondary wounding is the emotional patterns, the way we live our lives, that are precursors to diseases resulting from the use of sugar.  The secondary wounding will reflect the primary and foundation wounding patterns.

This book/workbook is being worked and I am projecting early 2025 for its completion.

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