My Two Cents

Dear Fellow Journeyer,

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around out there.    Over the last 50+ years I have been taught concepts and practices that were incorrect and could be harmful to others.  The information below is a few of those things that I perceive to be misinformation.  These concepts and the teachings around them are based in fear.  Thank you for reading.


p.s. There will be more but right now I am working on a number of new books.

Cosmic Kooties

Energies of a Certain Quality, Cosmic Kooties, Attachments, Energetic Attachments, Thought Forms, Soul-Sucking Leeches (this is my daughter’s favorite) or whatever you want to call them will not go away by cutting cords, releasing, or clearing of any type.  These cosmic dust bunnies will only depart momentarily, and then they will come back because you have a relationship that attracted them in the first place (I’ll bet some of you have paid big bucks to get rid of this energy drains.).   Relationships that are energetic drains are a state of non-peace; therefore, you must transmute the relationship that brought them to you.  Otherwise they will show up again and again.

The Soul is NOT Broken

The Soul can never be broken.  If you do engage in an exercise that implies that the Soul is broken, it will never resolve.  The Soul is a multi-dimensional portal field of information and awareness.  Information and awareness are vibrations that inform the field that is the Soul.

There are “theories” that parts of the Soul break off and must be retrieved.  That is horsepucky!  The Soul may experience different aspects at different times in a multi-dimensional aspect, which does not imply being broken.  The “theory” that parts of the Soul break off from a shock, an accident or a trauma is an experience of a person’s biology and the three minds not the soul.


Grief is the transmutation of a relationship.  When someone we have a relationship with changes that relationship, it does not go away; it changes.  The experience of grief is about the transmutation of that relationship to its new state.  Our experience of grief is a reflection of our wounding or non-wounding.

Projection of Consciousness

The projection of consciousness devolves a person.  A projection of consciousness creates a vulnerability within biology and minds.  Devolution erodes the decision-making of critical thought.  The individual will allow a lower vibrational being to guide them to a lesser state of consciousness.  Consciousness projection would include remote viewing and any other modality that requires you to project consciousness into another space.  Drumming journeys access the subconscious and are not a projection of consciousness.  Astral projection, where it is proposed that the spirit leaves the body and travels the world, has not been proven by the scientific community or theosophical societies that have run testing.   In meditation, you experience heightened awareness when you achieve focused attention.

The Misnomer of Personal Growth

When we transmute a limiting pattern we are not growing. We are not stretching our limbs or emotional sensibilities into a new space like a tree. “Growth” or “Growing” implies that we have moved in to a space we have not occupied before. We are re-occupying a space we left when we contracted around a wound. We are allowing ourselves to be what we already are. Before transmuting a limiting pattern you were contracted around a wound that when triggered you then protected that wound. After transmuting a wound from non-peace to peace you allow yourself to be that which you already are.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a faulty measure of whether you hold a limiting pattern.   Muscle testing is influenced by your state of dehydration, your current state of non-peace, medicine you are taking, supplements/herbs you are taking, or what you believe.  Muscle testing is worthless if you have an illness that has affected your muscles, for example, arthritis, joint diseases, inflammation, Parkinson’s Disease, cardiac and respiratory illness, blood sugar instabilities, etc.

Here’s the sketchy part of this, someone who depends on those results may be creating a bypass that delays much-needed medical care.

Sickness, Healing and Doctors

Get professional care from a medical care practitioner if you are sick (I should not have to say that).   I won’t define that for you.  The arena is too broad.  If you have an illness that has manifested, you have had the emotional states, created patterns and fears that caused this illness for a long time.  These emotional states, created patterns and fears have crystallized in your body.  You will need transmutation of those emotional states, which may take a while.  I’m am not saying that instant energetic healings will not happen…they will, but they are not consistently repeatable.

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