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Healing Your Intuition Workshop (Teachers Only)


This class will be taught by Remen Q̅ teachers. 





Remen Q Teachers – Healing Your Intuition Workshop

We will discuss and review the course syllabus below.

Have you experienced:

  • Spending hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars on manifesting classes, and the only thing you manifested was a reduced bank account and frustration?
  • Trouble sleeping?
  • Vision problems or sinus problems?
  • Feeling overwhelmed when you go into a store with many people?
  • Feeling life has no magic or joy?
  • Do you suffer from migraines?
  • Feeling your life has yet to realize a purpose?
  • Feeling lost? Feeling stuck?
  • Is it easier for you to give than receive? Or you can’t give or receive?
  • Sensing the feelings of others and making them your own?
  • Seen as having shortcomings?

If you resonate with one or more of the questions above, your third eye chakra may be out of balance, and the pineal gland may be physically impaired.  If your ability to receive or give is out of balance, manifesting is stopped.  This congestion or devitalization of the third eye may also affect the money flow in your life.  At a physiological level, the pineal gland is about control and regulation.  The pineal gland may go out of balance if there are emotional patterns (fears, beliefs/created patterns, and emotional states) of too much or too little control, dysregulation of emotions, impatience, lack of discernment, feelings of worthlessness, not enough or unacceptable.  The frequency of these emotional patterns will create a contraction that blocks the flow of life force.  These limiting patterns may have resulted from ancestral, epigenetic or current life wounding.

An out-of-balance third eye and pineal gland may also create out-of-balance psychic information.   Psychic information that is uncontrolled may make you sick and is based on fear.  Intuitive information is received when you ask for it; there is a controlled flow of information.  The information is balanced and compassionate.   Psychic information has poor boundaries and may disrupt the flow of your life, while intuitive information uses discernment when conveying that information.

The catalyst for writing this book and this workshop was a request from a friend to open his third eye.  I did an energetic opening of his chakras.  After I left my friend, I heard my inner voice tell me that this was only temporary and that the effect would fade. I then “knew” that this would require more than a temporary chakra adjustment.  Opening, activating and balancing the flow of intuitive information requires the transmutation of emotional patterns, detoxification and changes in an individual’s exposure to the chemicals that would cause impairment of the pineal gland.  This process is one of the first things people must do on their inner peace journey.  The inner peace journey requires knowing and insightThe insights of a higher knowing will facilitate the development of understanding, more profound compassion and a heart at peace.

In this new workshop we will use my new book, Alchemy of the Third Eye and Pineal Gland, as a guide.  This book explores a new level of material allowing for us to transmute the wounds carried in our intuition, pineal gland and third eye.   This wounding will keep you stuck at many levels.  We will use Remen Q̅ to transmute this new level of Emotional Patterns information.  This class marries the Remen Q̅ Method and Emotional Patterns.

Healing Your Intuition Workshop (this is still being developed and is based on Alchemy of the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland: Healing Your Intution)

  1. Transmute the wounding that leads to money issues
  2. Metaphysical exploration of the third eye
  3. Exploration of the different types of intuition
  4. Transmute the wounds held in the functions of the pineal gland
  5. Transmute the wounds of the third eye
  6. Transmute the wounds of the wounded empath
  7. Transmute the wounds of the wounded intuitive
  8. Transmute the blocks to intuition
  9. Transmute the wounding causing diseases of pineal gland
  10. Transmute the wounding in diseases connected to the pineal gland
  11. Energetic openings of the third eye; this will include a daily anointing of a unique blend of essential oils during our morning opening.
  12. How to do a Body Scan
  13. Detoxing the Pineal Gland
  14. Being intuitive: ethics, boundaries, discernment, grounding

We will work with the concepts of intuition discernment and transmute discernment trauma.

Bring a writing journal that you love to the class.  This class will be 40% lecture and 60%, or more, doing your own personal work.

During this class I will be using essential oils and energetic techniques for third eye activation and chakra balancing.  Please let me know before paying if you have allergies to any essential oils.

If you have had a Usui Reiki attunement and have not used it since taking the attunement I will refresh your attunement.  The Reiki attunement has the effect of activating your third eye.

*Remen Q̅ is a pre-requisite to this class.   If you have not taken a Remen Q̅ class and wish to attend this class please contact me.  

**Prior student: If you have been a prior student of mine in any class, you are eligible for a 20% discount.  Please email me at valeria@valeriamoore.com and I will send you a discount code to use on your payment form.  Once you pay for the class you are registered.

***payment will say remen-q on your credit/debit statements.

****Refunds:  A full refund will be given if you cancel one week before the class.  If you give notice of cancelling after one week,  I will give you credit toward future classes.   If you are a no show without texting me before the class there will be a 20% penalty.  

Author, Teacher & Founder of Remen Q and It’s Application


Founder of Remen Q̅, Author of The Remen Q̅ Method, Emotional Patterns and
The Alchemy of the Third Eye and Pineal Gland


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