Leaning In

In this video Valeria describes a method of amping up the energy of a contraction and then transmuting it with Remen Q.  Some people may be triggered by this video.  If you are triggered use Remen Q̅ to take back your peace.

A few days ago, I was in the process of trying to figure out how to structure the workshops that I’m planning for the upcoming year.   These are workshops that will deal with victim identity, things like betrayal, self-acceptance. You get the idea. And I wanted these workshops to be different. I wanted them to be not just engaged but transmuting; moving people to a higher vibration, a higher state of being.

So much of the work I’ve done in my life has just been surface work. For example, I would learn the emotional release technique or energy healing method and then walk away.  I would possibly use the technique as a practitioner or teacher.   I never had a deep sense that people transmuted.   I believe, for the most part, they had relief for a while.   But I don’t think people experienced a profound transmutation shift to peace.  I was struggling with what does this mean? How am I going to make that happen?  I had just left it there.  I began to visualize meditation exercises, ways of doing things that would bring us closer together, more of one heart.  I mean that in a way that they leave having a heart that is closer to that place of joy and peace than they had before being in that workshop with me. So I just left it there, walked away.  The next day, I got a phone call from a girlfriend.  This girlfriend said to me on the phone, “I’ve got to talk to you about.”  There was an urgency in her voice that made me uncomfortable.  I didn’t know quite what to do with that.  I said, “Well, what’s going on?” She wouldn’t tell me on the phone.  I got off the phone and immediately had this thing in my heart where I went into this space of it’s all my fault.

I went into this wounded empath.   I’ve struggled with that wounding.  That has been probably with me since I was two or younger. Maybe I was born with it.  My heart,  my chest,  was contracted, and my stomach was contracted.  I went into this place of that wounded empath, where I believed that everything that has ever happened bad was my fault, right? I had done it.  Something I had done with my girlfriend had set her off, and she needed to talk to me. It was all my fault. Whatever it was, it was my fault.  I sat there, and I went, “what?” I’ve been struggling with this for so long; I was so frustrated, my chest hurt so bad.  After you’ve done Remen Q̅ for a while, the slightest little things, they’re no longer slight. They get to be big things.  The heart contractions get your attention.

I thought I’m going to do something that I have been doing for about the past year related to something entirely different. I have not shared it for a lot of reasons.  I’ll explore that further down the road with folks.  I’m going to go there with this issue; I’m going to take it to that next level.  I’m going to amp it up. I’m going to embrace it. I’m going to hold it to me. I’m going to go into my heart, and I’m going to do what I call leaning into it. So I leaned into it, literally brought every bit of me presence to that wounded empath, and I brought that contraction more into my heart, and I allowed it to grow, allowed it to go where it needed to go, and it hurt.

I am not going to candy coat. It hurt. My heart hurt, but I kept going, and I leaned into it as far as I could go. I have never felt anything so intense in my heart.   You don’t get to my age without having experienced hurts and challenges.  I held it there, embracing the pain and then Remen Q̅ it.

What followed for me was nothing short of amazing. I felt this intense sense of relief,  peace and calm sweep over my body.  I allowed myself to continue bringing in that conversation with my girlfriend because it was the most relevant and nearest one that I could remember related to this whole concept of the wounded empath. Every bad thing in the world is my fault, right?   So I was going to do that.  After doing the leaning-in exercise, there was nothing except peace and calm. I felt joyous. I felt good.

So I met my girlfriend. I had lots of time I had given myself a couple of days before we got together for coffee.  Her urgent need to talk to me had nothing to do with me. Nothing. I was simply a friend, and she needed to talk to a friend.   The wounded empath in me couldn’t allow that to happen without a lot of internal drama. Nobody else knew this was going on.

So why is this important? Why would anyone care?   This approach is in the global consciousness.   While I was unraveling this process, I spoke with three friends that had all done that process.  They had leaned-in.  They had taken the heart contractions to an intense level.

So leaning-in is an option. It’s another option in doing Remen Q̅.  Some may prefer the traditional gentle way or maybe a mix. I certainly still do a mix, but it is another tool in working with Remen Q̅.











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