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I AM (and beyond)

  • A Consciousness Researcher
  • A Spiritual Healer & Teacher
  • A Peace Alchemist
  • A Grandmother and Mother
  • A Reiki Master Teacher
  • An Artist
  • Founder of Remen Q̅
  • A Sewist
  • A Kayaker
  • A Hiker
  • A Geek
  • A Podcaster
  • An Akashic Record Researcher
  • A Gardener
  • A Writer and Author
  • A Caretaker
  • An Earth Steward
  • A Life Partner

As a consciousness researcher I have a penchant for integrating my technology background with intuition.  I notice patterns and trends in individuals and the collective as a whole.  This skill led me to developing the Emotional Patterns material and many of the articles I have written.

I have explored the foundations of our consciousness for over 50 years and shared my explorations with people worldwide. I have never used just one path to discover the wisdom of the ancients. Instead, I believe all traditions hold foundational wisdom that moves us towards understanding our nature. I have trained in many healing methods as a practitioner and teacher. Each one of these healing methods added to my understanding of our nature.

I hold a degree in computer and information sciences from the University of California.

Retiring in 2017 and I immediately started writing. I have plans for many personal transformation books in the coming years. I recently published The Remen Q̅ Method: An Easy Do-It-Yourself Process to Create Inner Peace and Change Your Reality. Healer Wisdom, first published in 2005, became Emotional Patterns: Fears, Emotional States and Created Patterns (Beliefs) by Disease, Disorder and Trauma, published in 2019. Billy Visits the Farmer’s Market: Adventures of Billy, Lilly, Milly and Mr. Ely. The children’s book offers a brief science of an aspect of our environment at the end of the book. The Remen Q̅ Method is a simple process for reaching inner peace in the moment and a way to inner peace.

I live in Oregon with my life partner and sweetie.  I have two daughters and four fantastic grandchildren.

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My Expertise

I have been exploring the emotional foundations of disease since the early 2000s.  I have been a practitioner and teacher of metaphysical healing modalities, meditation and emotional release techniques for 20+ years.  The Emotional Patterns book has over 500 emotional pattern write-ups.  This book is supported by an ever growing database with over 700 emotional pattern write-ups, which include fears, emotional states and created patterns (beliefs) by disease.

In 2013, I began a six-year journey to develop a transmutation modality.  That modality, Remen Q̅, is based on non-duality; peace.  This resulted in The Remen Q̅ Method being published in 2021.  I am now in the process of creating an integration of Emotional Patterns and Remen Q̅.  Those books will be published in the coming years.

I am creating a podcast, WooWoo & Books, that explores the metaphysical, mystical, energetic, soulful and heart based modalities, books, techniques and concepts.

I am a Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister.  I have trained in Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Reiki Master & Teacher, Ho’oponopono Basic, CrainoSacral Therapy, Meditation, Matrix Energetics, Perceptual Awareness, Akashic Record work, and Reference Point Therapy.

    Living a Life of Inner Peace

    I’m learning to live a life of inner peace.

    Before Remen Q̅ I never thought about living a life of inner peace.  Doing the things that bring me closer to mastery of self creates a consistent alignment to heart.  Using the tools I have learned over the years, such as meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, journaling, perceptive awareness, and connecting to the Akasha(time continuum) and Remen Q̅, I am consistently staying in a state of inner peace. When I stay aligned with my heart, I am living a life of inner peace.

    I study ancient wisdom, work with the Akasha, synthesize my understanding, and apply that understanding to my writing and consciousness work.  In my work with the Akasha, I access information about diseases and their emotional states, created patterns and fears associated with them. That information started as Healer Wisdom and that became Emotional Patterns.  The Emotional Patterns body of wisdom is dynamic and continues to grow.  The Emotional Patterns process is becoming integral to the ‘Remen Q̅ Way’.

    Seeing the world with the purity of a child equals peace


    I love exploring and learning.

    Being with my grandchildren brings joy, love and boundless creativity to my life.  Seeing the world through their eyes, the eyes of a child, allows me to connect with that long-forgotten part of me.  I see the wonder of the world when I see it with the eyes of a child.  I am an avid reader, lover of crystals, hiker, kayaker, gardener, sewist and dabble at being an artist. But, most of all, I love to write.

    When writing, I enter an altered state of consciousness. I could describe it as bliss. My writing explores the foundations of emotional states that have become blocks to inner peace. 

    My journal writing is a focus point for my practicing Remen Q̅ as a ‘way.’  Using my heart-soul wisdom in a meditative state, I look at the information that arises and, if need be, use Remen Q̅ to reach a state of peace.   Often what arises becomes part of the information I share with my readers.  This process has resulted in living a life of inner peace.


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