COVID, Hopi Prophecy and Technology

COVID, Hopi Prophecy and Technology

In 2020, I participated in weekly Shamanic drumming journies led by a Shamanic teacher.   She would give us journey assignments.  One particular journey would leave a lasting impression on me.  We were to journey 50 years into the future in our area.  When I landed 50...

Covid 19 Virus

Emotional States Lost the sense of what is life-sustaining. Lost the joy of life. Lost the connection with mother nature. Lost the sense of those things we call small but nurture us at the deepest levels – the smell of a rose, the smell and taste of a carrot just out...

Enslavement Energy of Sugar

In mid-2021, I conceived of an article focused on the judgment and the consequential emotional wounding that results from sugar.  I shelved the idea for a later time as I was publishing the Remen Q̅ book and building the infrastructure around that publication.  Then...

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