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I connected with a teacher in the early part of my “call of the heart” journey for a massive bunch of lessons.   I had found a community of like minded people.  I had found acceptance and love.  I had found respect for who I thought I was.   I had found a cage.  I trusted this teacher.  I never once asked my guidance if what was happening with this teacher was the right thing for me.   This relationship went terribly wrong when a process was done to me by this teacher, that I had agreed to.   That exercise brought me great emotional and physical difficulty.

You seek a path when you start this “call of the heart” journey.  You are looking for guidance along that path.  You don’t consciously know you are looking for inner peace.  You may feel really lost and aimless.  You are looking for someone to teach you the wisdom of the ancients.  You are looking for meaning and purpose.  You are looking to have it all put in front of you magically.  You are looking for magic answers to the suffering.  When you hand over your power to a teacher or guru, you are stuck there.  You are in a bypass.  This connection to the teacher/guru will eventually come crashing down.  Nothing stays still for very long; you must continue expansion into your authentic self or die.

Knowing this, I bless and thank that early teacher for the learning.  I bless and thank all my teachers.   Master Choa Kok Sui would say that in his prayers, and now I understand that statement differently.

The wisdom and peace you seek are within you.

If you have had a teacher/guru in the past that you have left behind, you may want to transmute the non-peace “left behind”.  Use the teacher/guru as the point of non-peace.  Recently, I had an insight that I needed to look at this possible non-peace.   It took leaning into my heart space to feel the non-peace.  I Remen Q̅’d-it, and I felt like my body was a  soda can of bubbles as it released the energy of non-peace.    Remen Q̅ – it and Shine!


Diminishment takes what is valuable and destroys it. Diminishment destroys the creative, it covers the light within. It is a pattern that stops us from achieving. It stops us from being amazing.  Diminishment takes the form of comparing your creations to someone else.  Diminishment takes the form of pointing out how you could have done something better.   And when you pull away,  you are called too sensitive.  Diminishment leaves you with a heavy and wounded heart.  This is part of the wounding of the creative core.  Remen Q̅-it© and Shine.

Diminishment part 2:  There is ‘the diminished’ and the person doing the diminishment.   The person doing the diminishing is perpetuating the ancestral wounding.  The diminisher puts their powerless anger into diminishing others.  This person may be a parent, boss, teacher, etc.; a person in authority.  Diminishing another is unconscious; it is a limiting pattern.   Most people don’t get up each day and say I’m going to hurt someone’s feeling, emotionally wound them and destroy their creative spark.   The diminisher may have been called critical or judgmental.   If you see yourself in these words  Remen Q̅-it© and Shine.


When I first started painting, I found that my best paintings were ones where I molded the paint.  The paint strokes then molded an image.  Those movements were fluid.  There were no angles or sharp edges.    Sharp edges and angles are boundaries.   In elementary school, I was “trained” to put a dark edge, usually black, around all my artistic efforts.   This teaching was an early lesson in boundaries that were cages.    I can still feel the pull of the dark edges when I paint.  So, what is the lesson in this story?  We put boundaries around us in a multitude of ways.  These sometimes subtle boundaries kill creativity and eventually kill the person holding them.  These boundaries stop the flow of life.  These boundaries stop our joy and peace.   Joy and peace have no boundaries.  

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