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WooWoo & Books podcasts will explore metaphysical, mystical, energetic, soulful and heart based modalities, books, techniques and concepts.  It is my intention to have a wide variety of guests, with a wide variety of ideas.  I may not always agree with those ideas but I want to know what they are.  There will be episodes where I talk about a topic that interweaves mystical concepts with the events of our current life.  Additionally, I will be reviewing metaphysical books and giving my opinion as to their merit.

The links below take you away from this website to spotify where the podcasts reside.


An early morning inner message on January 1, 2023 was the catalyst for this podcast.  This introduction explores the journey to me becoming a podcaster and the type of topics I will be covering.


Remen Q A way to inner peace
Remen Q

How do you achieve inner peace in today’s chaotic world?  In this podcast we explore the how Remen Q̅ was born and how this simple process can become integral to your journey to inner peace.

Intentional Creativity

During the creative process do you feel like staying true to your authentic self slips away?  Along with Shelley Hines, Intentional Creativity Teacher, we explore what is intentional creativity and how it connects you to your authentic self.


Covid, Hopi Prophecy & Technology

Will AI and transhumanism create the two-hearted and the 4th world destruction? Was COVID, spiritually, meant to give those on the path of the two-hearted, part of the Hopi Prophecy, an opportunity to reset their lives and join the path of the one-hearted, the path of life? In this episode, Valeria Moore explores the intersection of Hopi prophecy, COVID and technology. Hopi prophecy and the Hopi belief that we are transitioning from the 4th world into the 5th. Their prophecy tells them that the three prior worlds were destroyed , and the destruction was intentional due to greed, corruption, and technology.

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Upcoming Podcasts

I have a huge list of potential podcasts to create.   I will plan getting at least one out per month, maybe more.  

Road Rage – Emotional Patterns

March 2024

Transformation Breathworks with Jim Adcock

March 2024

Metaphysical & Emotional Physiology – The Pituitary Gland (Subscription)

April 2024

The Tethered Soul – Book Review

May 2024

Sacred Geometry

June 2024

Cosmic Kooties, Entities, Psychic Attacks

July 2024

Spiritual Myths

August 2024

Prayer & Sending Energy

Sept 2024

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