The Wounded Creative Core Stops Creativity

The Wounding Starts at Birth

Early in your life, the process began to control your behavior within education, family, government, community, and religious institutions. If you violated the expectations of those institutions, you could depend on receiving a punishment. Moreover, this punishment resulted in the wounding of the creative core.  The wounded creative core stops creativity. This video below explores the definition of the Creative Core, how the Creative Core is wounded, how that wounding affects your creativity, and how to change the wounding to inner peace with Remen Q.

We are born with the ability to create and access that inner wisdom of inspiration, our creative core.  However, institutions (schools, governments, etc.), cultures and religious dogma create conform and perform behavior structures.  Additionally, these structures constrain the creative core through punishment. Furthermore, these punishments reinforce control over the individual and groups through physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual violence.

You Were Put in a Box

The institutions put you in a box.  The religious dogma may say that you can’t step outside of their moral box and love who you want without being condemned or worse.  Culture or religion may define your life in terms of your gender; a woman must marry and raise children. If you listen to your heart’s yearning, creative core, you may lose your family, your freedom and possibly your life. As a woman born in the early 1950s, there was a specific set of options for a job; teacher, nurse or secretary.  Acceptable forms of creativity adhered to the expectations of the institutions.

The Effect of the Wounded Creative Core is to Stop Creativity

When the Creative Core is wounded, a plethora of wounding happens.  That wounding translates to rejection, feeling unwanted, fear of authority, fear of your parents, fear of being unloved, and more.  These fears and feelings become emotional states and created patterns that become our identity.  Reflected in the wounding of the feminine and masculine is the wounded creative core.

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