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Emotional Patterns: Fears, Emotional States and Created Patterns by Disease, Disorder and Trauma

ISBN 978-1737127543

Formerly Healer Wisdom, Emotional Patterns is a metaphysical analysis of over 500 diseases, disorders and traumas. Each disease, disorder or trauma has a specific set of underlying fears, emotional states and created patterns (beliefs) that provide a look at what patterns might be held in the body. This book is for anyone on a journey of healing as either a healing arts professional or an individual exploring the foundations of non-peace (dis-ease).

Meant to Trigger

The information has been written to provide a catalyst of recognition that opens the doors to the next level of growth in a personal development journey.  While reading the material you may experience a contraction in your body or a sudden feeling in your heart.  That is your body telling you that the statement you just read resonates.  At this point, if you can, Remen Q̅-it!

Emotional Patterns Database Access

The Emotional Patterns body of wisdom is dynamic and is available at emotionalpatterns.com. Access to the database is free for the first year after purchase of the book. The database currently holds over 700 diseases, disorders and traumas.  For more information go to the Emotional Patterns website.

I notify people on my mail list when new material is added to the database..  If you would like these notifications you can join my mail list.


The most useful source I have ever found for identifying what causes us humans problems.

I am a life and health coach working with clients whose issues and symptoms are interfering with their everyday life by finding the root causes and quickly eliminating them. The book is especially useful when a client has a symptom I have not worked with before. It includes underlying Fears, Emotional States, and Created Patterns of over 500 symptoms and difficulties we humans have. What a wonderful resource!~ Leroy Malouf

Wonderfully Written

Wonderfully and clearly written. From my experience so far the information has been on point. Definitely recommend to explore the emotional states associated with physical issues. ~Reader

Great Book!

Book is thorough! Will get alot of use out of it. ~DG

This book is worth it. I resonate so much with it. The author is also amazing.

I can’t say enough about this book. I have been on a healing journey to resolve many issues over the last 14 or so years. This book and the author have been invaluable. Both the book, and the membership website (you get a free subscription for a year when you send receipt) have offered me so much insight into my physical and mental issues.  Nearly every issue that I have and looked up, I could totally resonate with the extremely detailed and written about fears, emotional states, and patterns. The author really knows her stuff and is very dedicated to her work.  Not only that, Valeria (the author) is so sweet and kind. You can send her a malady that is not in her book or site and she will add when she gets a chance, which is very soon after.  Honestly one of the best book purchases I have ever made. I highly recommend this book if you want to dig deeper into what you should be working on to aid you on your healing journey. I am currently using it with TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique), EFT, and allowing emotions to come up to fully be felt and processed. ~ Brenda

Great Reference Book

A valuable resource for those interested in understanding the beliefs that may be contributing to their illness or disease. Highly recommended. ~Cheryl

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