A Peace Alchemist

Valeria Moore


Transmute worry, shame,

anxiety, regrets, guilt,

and stress to peace and

calm in a couple of

minutes to inner peace and joy.

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A Peace Alchemist

is one who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of peace. They are the bringers of a new dawn, transmuting the old paradigms into a higher intelligence and order. They act solely for the highest good of all using ancient wisdom to transmute fear and limiting beliefs to peace and joy.

The tools of Peace Alchemy (meditation, breathworks, journaling, yoga, Reiki, etc.), will  guide you to the transmutation of worry, guilt, shame, humiliation and other limiting patterns into peace, joy and calm using Remen Q̅.  And if you make this process a way,  the peace will be continuous.

I am here to facilitate the individual and collective journey to inner peace.  I do that by:

  • Providing a path to Inner Peace
  • Training teachers & coaches in the way of Peace Alchemy
  • Writing books that share what I have learned from the time continuum
  • Helping others transmute their pain to peace.


Books For the Journey to Inner Peace

Each of my books builds on the other.

My first book was Healer Wisdom which morphed into Emotional Patterns.   The Emotional Patterns book is an exploration of the fears, limiting patterns and emotional states that are held before a disease develops.  To date I have done writeups on approximately 700 diseases and disorders.    This material is meant to trigger the awareness of the limiting patterns you might be holding so you can then transmute those patterns.

The Remen Q Method is a simple ancient wisdom that transmutes limiting beliefs and fear.

The Alchemy of the Third Eye and Pineal Gland facilitates the development and transmutation of our natural state of intuition.  At this step in your journey to inner peace, compassion is integral to this level of knowing.  For example, a person may feel compassion for the homeless person on the corner but may not ‘know’ the journey that brought them there.   Judgment falls away to become compassionate understanding.  The book explores the emotional patterns that would block intuition and the pineal gland through disease or dysfunction.

Some people are born into situations that are dysfunctional.  There is no understanding of peace.  They have spent their whole lives creating chaos and drama to stay safe.  During their childhood they developed behaviors that kept them safe but in adulthood created weak boundaries, poor decision making and relationship chaos.   Creating Foundations for Inner Peace (the next book) explores those behaviors that limit our lives and provides the emotional patterns for the specific dysfunction for example overwhelm, self-confidence, procrastination or heart numbness.  This book is designed to trigger your feelings to inform the transmutation to peace.

All of my books are available from Amazon or independent bookstores.  BTW, I will no longer put my books into ebook format.

Click on the image below and you will be taken to a page that explains in more detail the book.

Current and Soon to be Published Books by Valeria

Remen Q A way to inner peace

Upcoming Books 2024 and Early 2025

Remen Q A way to inner peace

What Makes Remen Q̅ Different?

Remen Q̅ is a simple and quick method of transmuting limiting patterns into peace, calm and neutral.  It is an ‘inner-technology’ which does not require a cell-phone, wifi, an app, an expensive guru, an internet connection, life-long ‘therapy’ sessions, etc. — it is immediately available wherever you are.

  • No digging (which can be endless)
  • No muscle testing (which can be inaccurate)
  • Does not create additional bypasses* (which can create un-wellness)
  • Has a process for transmuting existing bypasses
  • Transmutes – which raises you to a higher state in peace and balance
  • You don’t need to know the origin
  • You don’t need to tell a story (this just reinforces the trauma)
  • Makes a big difference in how happy and fulfilled you feel.
  • A state of peace harmonizes energy systems
  • The intention is ALWAYS peace
  • Heart based – which is the portal to your soul’s wisdom
  • Is based on an ancient wisdom of ascension

*Bypasses are created when you believe you have released or cleared a state of non-peace and later discover that the change was temporary.

mature woman studying the ancient wisdom

Remen Q̅ is based on an Ancient Wisdom  that Transmutes Fears and Limiting Beliefs

The ancient wisdom of Egypt and the Essenes practiced inner technologies that focused on a lightness of heart.  The Egyptians believed that at death your heart was to balance the scales against the weight of a feather to continue your journey into the afterlife.  The Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls 1QH 3.20 and Book of Ezekiel) practiced purity of the body and heart so that they could ascend.

How Will Your Life Experience Improve with Remen Q̅?

ittle girl reaching for the stars

Her wish became a dream and her dream became her intention. ~ unknown.

You will be empowered to:

  • Claim your inner peace and the power you were born with.  When challenges happen you will have a tool that you can use in the moment to transmute non-peace to peace.
  • Feel and live a sense of connectedness to the whole.
  •  Acknowledge and live your inner knowing,
  • Live with self-confidence and peace.
  • Your relationships will reflect your sense of empowerment.
  • Live consciously.
  • Open your awareness to understanding.
  • With consistent work a persistent calm and wellness.
  • Create from a place of inner peace.

ancient wisdom transmutes fear is not reaching for stars

Your Life Will Become...

YOURS.    You will no longer be reacting and owned by ancient inherited wounds.

BOUNDLESS.  Boundaries will expand into a sense of boundlessness.  Boundaries of any kind are based in fear.  As you transmute the fears and limiting patterns the fear based boundaries you put up to protect yourself will transmute to inner peace.


ancient wisdom transmutes fear to joy

Where Do I Start?

Start with the most pressing limiting pattern you are feeling now.  Then learn Remen Q̅.  Use The Remen Q̅ Method book (see below), website recording to transmute the non-peace to peace.  Or book an appointment with one of the teacher practitioners for a class or one-on-one session.   


Learn to meditate.  Give yourself the space to reflect.  Develop a journaling practice.   Take workshops in Reiki, yoga, qigong, breathworks, etc.


Develop a spiritual practice.  A spiritual practice can be as simple as sitting on a park bench and letting yourself be absorbed by the nature around you and expressing gratitude.


A Bit O’Peace

Never Enough Time

A dear friend of mine was signed up to take an important class.  I asked her how she was doing in the class.  She then told me that she had not started the class.  Then she told me, “I don’t have enough time.”   

“I don’t have enough time”  was a way to push people away.  For me, it was a boundary.  A way of not taking on any more work or responsibility as I was overwhelmed.  It was a way of being in control of my world.  The trauma response was to hide and freeze.  Never having enough time is a place of non-peace.

I looked at my friend and told her, “Remen Q̅™ – it.”

For more Bits O’Peace click this link.

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