Christina Avethart

Christina Avethart

Hi everyone my name is Christina Averhart.

I am a trained clinical psychologist and life coach.  My special areas and interests are abuse, which can and often is a life long phenomenon.

I have always had an interest in healing arts, be it acupuncture, Reiki or other like modalities, soul retrievals, dream interpretations, clairvoyance, clairaudence, clairsentience, safe space creation and holding.   And many other things that move us out of what’s considered ‘normal’ or mainstream.

I have been really impressed by Remen Q̅. I have introduced Remen Q̅ to my clients who have  liked it as an addition to other modalities.  Some have had visible turn around in their sense of inner peace.  Valeria’s work now has its own niche in my own practice and that of others.  It’s a simple sounding concept, that has a huge impact.

You can contact Christina at

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