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Transmutation Coaching

The Remen Q̅ Method is a way to inner peace.  It works in the moment and proactively transmuting limiting patterns that keep you stuck in loops of worry, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame and more.  As you continue working with Remen Q̅ you will learn to proactively lean into the patterns that keep you looping through limiting patterns and a contracted heart until you are in a continuous state of inner peace.

What is Transmutation Coaching?

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Transmutation Coaching takes the approach that you must heal yourself.  You won’t heal unless you acknowledge, own and resolve to transmute your limiting patterns. Limiting patterns keep you from inner peace.

If your life feels out of control you have relinquished your power and control to others to be safe.  With Remen Q̅ you are changing your heart, mind, body and reality.  When you do that you change the relationships that create a reactive, non-peace world.


First Coaching Sessions

In the first coaching session we will work to understand what goals you want to reach and I will teach you how to do Remen Q̅.  Then guide you through setting goals and making the changes you want to make.  If  you already know Remen Q̅ then I facilitate your journey to inner peace.

Follow up Coaching Session

In person follow up sessions are used to check in and see what is working and what needs clarity.  We do that by reviewing the progress you have made.  Checking to see if there are any residual contractions and  transmute that to inner peace.  Then we lean in to non-peace to verify that we have effectively transmuted the non-peace to peace.


We then continue the process by looking to the next steps in changing your reality.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an energy modality where the healer’s hands are placed lightly on the receiver’s body or they hover above their body.  Reiki is a gentle form of energy work where the practitioner is a conduit for universal life energy.  The receiver may feel warm or cold during the treatment, this depends on what you need at that moment.   You may fall asleep during the session.  Reiki may induce a deep state of relaxation.

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