Sue Healy

sue healy

Sue Healy is a 63 year old mother, grandmother, intuitive, trauma-informed breathworker and functional breathing coach, teacher of a few modalities and student of many, writer, former restaurant owner and cook, and all-round interested party. If you’d like the list of specifics, do drop me a line.

My first knowledge of Val, long ago, was Healer Wisdom. I found it a most valuable resource, and my students and I were avid users. On the strength of my admiration for her and her work I trained in and became a teacher of a new modality at the time. Now here we are, sharing Val’s new work, and I love it.

Simplicity has become increasingly important to me over the years, and Remen Q̅ is the epitome of that. Of course, the simplicity rests on something profound, and that marriage is a beautiful thing.

Val has created something that is gently and startlingly effective, and completely usable without the need for props, a special place away from the world, or even very much time at all. I’m all in.

Sue is available to teach Remen Q classes and private sessions.  You can contact Sue at

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