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Drumming Journeys


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Keizer, Oregon

Drumming Journeys

In 2006 (to the best of my memory) I awoke to a clear message from my higher self that I was to start doing drumming journeys.  So I bought a drum on my way though Mt. Shasta one day, came home, started practicing, found a space and sent out a message.  The first drumming session I had a full house.  I did those drumming journeys as a benefit for the center that loaned us the space to do the journeys.

In January of 2020 a series of events led me to a shamanic teacher with weekly visits and for a couple of months I did journeys to her drumming.   I learned a lot about drumming journeys and had some fantastic experiences.

So here I am in 2023 and I am getting the same early morning message to start drumming again.  This time I have my own space and a lot more training.

All proceeds will be donated to the Marion County Food Share.

The drumming journey is a way to communicate with your inner spirit self and retrieve information. When we listen to the steady beat of a drum at 120 to 130 beats per minute our brain waves shift into a theta state. We then enter into a light, aware trance much like lucid dreaming. Drumming brings you to presence.

I will guide you through the process and facilitate a question/intention if you need it. You will set an intention for your journey and meet your spirit animal and spirit guide.

Please bring a journal, bottle of water, possibly a light blanket. After the drumming it is recommended you spend time recording your experience. Journeys are symbolic. Then once you have recorded your journey, we will start the next journey of feeling into the symbolism and get an understanding of the information you received.   Sharing your journey is optional and  up to you.  

*payment will say remen-q.

Drummer and Guide


Drumming Journeys since 2006

Classes & Events

Remen Q̅ will transmute your non-peace (guilt, shame, humiliation, worry, etc.) to peace, calm and joy.  Remen Q̅ will change your reality.  When you transmute non-peace to peace, you change your reality.

Reiki will provide you a method of self-care and begin the process of opening your intuition.  The opening of your intuition is essential to developing compassion.  Reiki is a gentle healing modality to use on animals, others, crystals, distance healing and more.

Meditation is a path toward the experience of our divine oneness.  Meditation allows us to transcend the heaviness of the human experience.   You may start this journey with guided deep relaxation session.

Drumming Journeys take you easily into a deep state of relaxation and with intention, you may "travel" to accessing the wisdom of  masters and teachers. 

The "Healing Your Intuition" class is a new class that marries Remen Q̅ and my Emotional Patterns.  This class will take you on a journey of transmuting the blocks and wounding to intuition, empathy and the pineal gland.  This class will be based on my new upcoming book Alchemy of the Third Eye and Pineal Gland.

In Person Remen Q Workshop

In this class you will learn a simple method to achieve fast inner peace.  We will work on the limiting patterns that keep you stuck.

Virtual Remen Q Workshop

In this virtual class you will learn a simple method to achieve fast inner peace.  We will work on the limiting patterns that keep you stuck.

Healing Your Intuition

In this class we will integrate Remen Q to transmute the wounded empath, blocks to intuition and the limiting patterns held in the pineal gland.  We will explore a new level of limiting patterns, Emotional Physiology.

Reiki 1 Workshop

This class is an introductory course to the practice of Reiki, an ancient energy healing modality. The course is designed to teach students the basic principles and techniques of Reiki, so that they can use it to heal themselves and others.

reiki session
Reiki 2 Workshop

This class is for those who have completed Reiki Level 1 and are ready to take their practice to the next level. In Reiki Level 2, you will learn three powerful symbols that can be used to enhance your healing abilities.

Reiki 3 Workshop

Reiki 3 is a more advanced level of practice that allows the practitioner to channel Reiki energy more effectively and to work with the symbols of Reiki. As part of the Reiki 3 class you will receive a 3rd attunement.

reiki session
Reiki Share for Practitioners

Reiki Shares are where practitioners get together to practice their Reiki skills and receive a bit of self care. 

reiki session
Drumming Journeys

The drumming journey is a way to communicate with your inner spirit self and retrieve information. We enter into a light, aware trance much like lucid dreaming. 

Holiday Stress Buster Meditation

I will be running 3 back to back meditation sessions for those of you needing a break from the crazy of the holidays.


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