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I AM (and beyond)

  • A Consciousness Researcher
  • A Spiritual Healer & Teacher
  • A Peace Alchemist
  • A Grandmother and Mother
  • A Reiki Master Teacher
  • An Artist
  • Founder of Remen Q̅
  • A Sewist
  • A Kayaker
  • A Hiker
  • A Geek
  • A Podcaster
  • An Akashic Record Researcher
  • A Gardener
  • A Writer and Author
  • A Caretaker
  • An Earth Steward
  • A Life Partner

As a consciousness researcher I have a penchant for integrating my technology background with intuition.  I notice patterns and trends in individuals and the collective as a whole.  This skill led me to developing the Emotional Patterns material and many of the articles I have written.

I have explored the foundations of our consciousness for over 50 years and shared my explorations with people worldwide. I have never used just one path to discover the wisdom of the ancients. Instead, I believe all traditions hold foundational wisdom that moves us towards understanding our nature. I have trained in many healing methods as a practitioner and teacher. Each one of these healing methods added to my understanding of our nature.

I hold a degree in computer and information sciences from the University of California.

Retiring in 2017 and I immediately started writing. I have plans for many personal transformation books in the coming years. I recently published The Remen Q̅ Method: An Easy Do-It-Yourself Process to Create Inner Peace and Change Your Reality. Healer Wisdom, first published in 2005, became Emotional Patterns: Fears, Emotional States and Created Patterns (Beliefs) by Disease, Disorder and Trauma, published in 2019. Billy Visits the Farmer’s Market: Adventures of Billy, Lilly, Milly and Mr. Ely. The children’s book offers a brief science of an aspect of our environment at the end of the book. The Remen Q̅ Method is a simple process for reaching inner peace in the moment and a way to inner peace.

I live in Oregon with my life partner and sweetie.  I have two daughters and four fantastic grandchildren.

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My Expertise

I have been exploring the emotional foundations of disease since the early 2000s.  I have been a practitioner and teacher of metaphysical healing modalities, meditation and emotional release techniques for 20+ years.  The Emotional Patterns book has over 500 emotional pattern write-ups.  This book is supported by an ever growing database with over 700 emotional pattern write-ups, which include fears, emotional states and created patterns (beliefs) by disease.

In 2013, I began a six-year journey to develop a transmutation modality.  That modality, Remen Q̅, is based on non-duality; peace.  This resulted in The Remen Q̅ Method being published in 2021.  I am now in the process of creating an integration of Emotional Patterns and Remen Q̅.  Those books will be published in the coming years.

I am creating a podcast, WooWoo & Books, that explores the metaphysical, mystical, energetic, soulful and heart based modalities, books, techniques and concepts.

I am a Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister.  I have trained in Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Reiki Master & Teacher, Ho’oponopono Basic, CrainoSacral Therapy, Meditation, Matrix Energetics, Perceptual Awareness, Akashic Record work, and Reference Point Therapy.

    My Mission

    I am here to facilitate the individual and collective journey to inner peace.

    Unity of the one heart
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